Since launching the DuoDesk I’ve seen many people not being sure on how to start using a stand up desk and how to incorporate it into their daily work schedule. So I’ve compiled a list of few ways to make it easier to integrate a stand up desk into your work day.


  1. Gradually build up to standing full time.

When starting to use a stand up desk the easiest way to integrate standing into your working day is to alternate between sitting and standing an hour at a time.


  1. Anti fatigue mat.

By purchasing an anti fatigue mat it will help build more of a cushioned surface for you to stand on and will help reduce impact on the knees. This will also help you stand for longer periods of times when working at a stand up desk.


  1. Take breaks.

When starting to use a stand up desk start in stages and take breaks from standing so that you can adapt more easily without starting straight away standing up for up to 8 hours in one go.


  1. Vary your standing positions.

The easiest way to adapt to using a stand up desk varying your standing positions.


  1. Focus on your posture.

By focusing on your posture when using a stand up desk it will help reduce back or joint pain.


There’s my list of tips on how to integrate standing into your work routine I think the most important one being not to jump from sitting all day to standing all day it’s important to introduce it gradually for an hour or two at a time. Have you got any other tips?

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