Standing desks have recently become a small phenomenon for those of us that work on computers of in offices and are therefore sat down all day. Recent studies have shown that standing desks have many health benefits that you may not have realised. Something to take note of however before you start using a standing desk is to introduce into your schedule gradually for only a few hours a day to start with.

1. Lowers the risk of weight gain and obesity
By standing up while working it can help increase a number of calories that you burn and therefore helps to decrease the chances of obesity.

2. Appear to reduce back pain
Recent information has shown that using standing desks can decrease back pain in those who spend all day working from a seated desk. As well as this standing can help improve your posture as you are engaging your core muscles that you wouldn’t use if you were sitting all day.

3. Can boost productivity
In some cases, it has been proven that standing desks can improve your productivity. Not only does it improve your productivity but this also leads to improved mood and improved energy levels.

4. May help improve mood and energy levels
Along with boosting productivity standing up while working can help improve your mood and energy levels.

5. Helps to lower blood sugar levels.
Not only does using a standing desk lower blood-sugar levels but has also shown to lower bad cholesterol levels.

So overall there are many health benefits, many more than 5 benefits, but there’s my top 5. What do you think of the phenomenon? Will you be trying a standing desk? If so let us know what you think.