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DuoDesk Stand Up Desk Converter Animated Assembly

Why should I use a stand up desk?

Research shows that a mixture of standing and sitting at a desk is much healthier than just sitting. Sitting shortens your muscles and tendons, compresses your spine and doesn’t promote movement. Alternating between standing and sitting throughout the day, means you move much more, which is a good thing. Here are a few other reasons why you should use a stand up desk:

Relieve Back Pain

Standing is better for your back, fact. The more you sit at your desk, the more compressed your discs become. Standing puts your spine in a stable position, and helps stretch your muscles.

Burn Calories

Your body uses much more energy to maintain balance when standing. Standing also encourages small movements like shifting your weight, and tapping your feet. This adds up over a day, sometimes as much as burning 1,000 calories per day!

Improve Mood & Energy

Your energy levels are naturally higher when stood up compared to sitting. In one seven-week study of standing desk use, participants reported less fatigue, tension, confusion, and depression, and more vigor, energy, focus, and happiness.


Studies have found that standing desk benefits include increased productivity, which is why companies like Google and Facebook include stand up desks in their work areas.

Our Story.

Open quotes A couple of years ago I'd read about, and researched, the benefits of using a stand up desk. I had a quick look around for one, and found that they seemed to cost £1000 upwards! As well as the cost being prohibitive, especially if you just wanted to try out the idea for a week, I already had a perfectly good desk I didn't want to get rid of.

In the end I cobbled together a make shift stand up desk using books and a plank of wood on top of my existing desk. Although not ideal (very temporary and not exactly pretty!), at least it proved that I did like using a stand up desk, and alternating between sitting and standing a few hours at a time.

I then discovered that there were products available that sat on your existing desk so you could swap between sitting and standing. Unfortunately these were still expensive (in the hundreds of £), as well as being bulky and heavy. As I usually work in a coworking space, this wasn't a viable option for me either.

This got me thinking that there must be something out there that would suit me, and others in a similar situation. I did find a couple of options but nothing that was right for me. I either wasn't impressed with the build quality, the sizing didn't work for me (I use a standard sized keyboard and mouse and these simply wouldn't fit), or I couldn't get them in the UK.

In the end I decided that I was going to have to design and produce something fit for purpose myself, and that's how the DuoDesk was born. After working with a local cardboard product designer and manufacturer (as we wanted UK expertise and build quality), we went through various prototypes, and then the final product went into production. It's now available to buy on this website! Close quotes

- Richard Eaton, Managing Director


Open quotes I had been thinking about using a standing desk for quite a while, having read about all the benefits, but did not want to spend too much money without knowing if I would like it, and putting a coffee table on top of my desk just wasn’t working. Then I heard about DuoDesk and it worked extremely well. The two levels are an immediate improvement on my coffee table – the keyboard is now where it needs to be, the lower level is wide enough for a full size keyboard and a mouse and the upper-level is at a great height for my laptop. Having a standing desk took a few days to get used to but I am now more productive, I have better energy levels and I’ve even lost some weight. It has also given me the confidence to invest in a more permanent solution knowing that it will be money well spent – as was the DuoDesk! Close quotes

- Simon Gregory, Harrogate

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